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What is SEO On Page?

As explained on the meaning of SEO, SEO is divided into 2 parts, namely SEO on page and SEO off page.

This time I will explain the tutorial to optimize SEO On Page .....

SEO On Page is the process of optimization of a website or blog from within, that is optimizing all parts of the body of the website or blog itself.

So what's the way ... ??

Okay .. I'll just give the points.

Website / Blog Templates (page theme)

It is very important to do, especially now that Google recommends the responsive display, ie a website or blog is accessed via mobile devices, the web interface is able to adapt to the mobile device. Templates that are not designed responsive will be felt when in access via mobile device because all elements in the website was changed to small and usually must be zoomed (zoom) first to be visible.

Using H1 and H2 Tags are Dynamic

This is the structure of the preparation of the homepage or articles on the website or blog. As a piece of writing, a website also uses this structure so that readers can easily understand the content of the website. H1 is the main title and H2 is the title of the article or it can be used for subtitles of H1. Well this H1 must have 1 part and H2 to H so may be more than 1 part.

Meta Description Optimization

Meta Description is an outline of the entire contents of the website or blog. Because this affects the search engine to index your website or blog.When someone types keywords in the search engine, this is what is displayed in the search list. So, how to do this?

The first step, write the keywords that relevant to the contents of your website in the meta description.
The second step, avoid writing the same meta description on every page of your website.
Third step, use meta description as accurately as possible.

URL Optimization

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator is a series of characters used to indicate an address of documents or images on the internet. An URL will also be displayed in the search engine to show the identity of our website or blog.

Well .. optimization that you can do is as follows :

  1. do not be too exaggerated write down keywords
  2. use keywords as URLs
  3. avoid writing too long URLs
  4. avoid general URL writing, such as ""

Image Optimization

Image optimization is one of the important things in SEO On Page techniques but ironically is often overlooked and even ignored by site owners. They are concerned with the quality of the image without optimized it. And you need to know that Google does not read the content in the form of images, so as good or interesting any of your pictures without accompanied by good optimization, Google will not give a good rating

So how to optimize the image?

change the image title according to the keyword from the description of the image
the description of the image title should not be too long
avoid keywords that are not in accordance with image
use alternative text
write the keywords in the Alternative Text of your image
describe the image briefly on writing Alternative Text

Okay .. while this first discussion about On Page SEO optimization in this article. If there is an update again, I will update later.

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