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What is SEO Off Page ?

Once we understand the definition of SEO and explanation of SEO On Page, in this article I will discuss about what is SEO Off Page.

What should I do to optimize SEO Off Page ?

And How it works ?

Before we get into further discussion on SEO Off Page, it's good we must first understand what SEO Off Page.

SEO Off Page is a process of optimization that is done from outside our website or blog, by searching backlinks and promoting web / blog. So the main of SEO Off Page are looking for backlinks and promotions. If both are done well, it will reap good results as well aand your web/blog more visible in the search engine.

There are so many ways to do SEO Off Page, such as :

Relevant backlinks source

Backlink is one of SEO Off Page that influences to the level of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and PR (Page Rank), as well as the increase of targeted keywords. Backlink that we will build should be good and not spamming, because if our website violates existing provisions to make our website will be exposed penalty by Google Search Engine.

Talk about backlinks, we have to consider is the quality of the backlink, not the many of backlinks that we can reach. It is true the more backlinks the more successful our SEO Off Page optimization. But are quality backlinks? if yes, then you are very lucky. Because the online time you spend is not in vain. Note : One backlink from a high pagerank page is better than dozens of backlinks from abalged site pages that have no pagerank at all.

Many ways to build backlinks, such as :

Social media backlinks : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc.
Online Forum Backlinks : Kaskus, AdsId, Bitcointalk, Disqus, Google Forum, etc.
Blogwalking : leave your relevan link in the disqus, remember!! do not spaming!!
Submit your URL in EntireWeb

Diversity Link

Link Diversity is a variety of backlinks on a website or blog. The point consists of 5 parts, for example :

  1. different outer site hierarchies. Try to get external backlinks from the front page of the web (homepage or root domain) but may also through the content of the web (content) with a percentage of about 40:60
  2. different domains. Variations of building backlinks is not recommended to be in one place because in addition difficult to popularize the web, search engines sometimes do not think of it as a quality backlink backlink spam but only just.
  3. follow and nofollow. Again variations between these two backlinks should be balanced. So do not always look for links backlink type follow only but also balanced with nofollow link. Percentage may be directly 50:50 or if you want to follow the suggestion should follow 60-90% type while the type of nofollow enough 10-40%
  4. different internal site hierarchy. This means that getting backlinks to the front page of the web (homepage) there is a limit of about 20-50% and the rest is recommended to lead to backlinks pages of other web pages (inner pages or deep linking).
  5. PA and DA are different. Page authority and Domain authority have a big role as backlinks. So look for sites with high PA and DA as they can provide more value in front of search engines.

Ping URL Activity

Ping URL aims to lift the visibility of your website or blog, there are many ways to do it, such as:

  1. Submit your URL in Google Search Console
  2. Submit your URL in PingOmatic
  3. Submit yout URL in Bing
  4. Submit your URL in Pingler

Well .. that was an explanation of SEO Off Page, if there is a shortage please input and give suggestions or constructive criticism.

Keep fight for your success!! Protection Status
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