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More Friends, More Sell

We will continue the material Flood Order Capital Free Facebook.

During this time many are asking, what is the most powerful formula for flooding orders?

Some of them are often confused, why there is a good sale but it can print a lot of closing, while there are already business there but can only print a little sales.

You also want to know right, what is the secret moment of flood of orders, see this post until it runs out if you want to know the answer.

Actually the formula is simple, that is the Number of Great Prospects will result in the Number of Closing a lot.

It's that simple, so if you want to generate more sales, you have to offer to more people.

For example when you want to get 100 closing, then you have to offer to 100 more people. Well that's all if closing all, if not then you have to offer to more people again, 500 for example.

You can not, if you want to close 100 but only offer your product to 10 people only?

Neither apply in the marketing process in facebook, if in terms of sales you need to reproduce prospects, on Facebook you need to reproduce friends.

Well imagined?

Well then how do we get a lot of friends on Facebook?

This time I will share 2 simple ways to add friendship on Facebook.

Active Ways

What you should do is to start adding friendship. Surely not just any friendship, but must be targeted.

Please find your target market, where if they gathered a lot on Facebook. Can be on Facebook Group, Facebook Page or Facebook Personal Public Account The figure they follow.

Begin the add routine about 50 friends per day, 10 times the addition with the likes, comments and share so as not to block facebook.

If consistent, then you will get 1,500 friends targeted in a month and can full friendship (5,000 friends) within 3 months.

Passive Ways

After reaching 2,500 to 3.000 friends you can add friendship passively. Passive this means, prospective customers who will add your facebook account, not the other way around.

The question is, how do I get so many people who want to add your facebook account?

First you have to do is improve the profile. Use real names, compelling Photo Profiles, intro sections and completed descriptions and cover photos that sell.

Both start rutinkan for useful sharing-sharing on your facebook, can material, tips, interesting info, motivation, quotes and others. That way many will add you to be friends, because it sees your interesting Facebook content.

Third, promote your personal account to various media, can use whatsapp, telegram or instagram. Do not forget to include the reason why they should add your account.

Well if both ways above have been practiced, you will get thousands of friends in a relatively shorter time.

That's it !!

Keep fight for your success !! Protection Status
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