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We go to the 2nd material of the Free Order Capital Flood Facebook Program, the patterns you need to know to get lots of ordering from Facebook.

Previously we have discussed the important principle in using facebook for free for media campaign. Remember anything?


Create Interesting Content for your Facebook crowd visited prospective prospects.


Expand your interactions so you are familiar and prospects trust you.


Do all the patterns consistently alias routine every day.

By doing all three secured your Facebook account will be more effective in generating.

Now we will begin to discuss more detail well application of the above three principles.

During this time you may often see so many brands milling about in cyberspace, call it for skin whitening products, we have brand X, Y, Z and so forth.

Some women may tend to choose one or two of these brands for everyday use.

Of course also the distributor of skin whitening brands above there are many in online, there is Sist A, Bunda B, Mrs. C, is in the online store O, marketplace E, Instagram S and so on.

Well any skin whitener users also tend to buy only from one distributor or reseller skin whitening brand, so we often see the selling of A and B the same, but why only A who have many buyers?

The answer is the personal branding differences that are formed.

Believe it or not, a study says that more than 80% of the sales were not due to the product, but because of who sold the product.

Easy example we can see the artist, whatever he sells will sell, hehe.

Well it seems a bit difficult if we have to be an artist first can be sold. Calm there is a personal branding way that we can try, that is to become an Expert.

When you are sick, who comes to your head to help with the healing?

When your car breaks down, to whom do you remember to overcome it?

Why can you think of Doctors and Mechanics when experiencing the incident above, because you know they are the experts. People tend to come to anyone they think are experts in the field.

The job of Personal Branding is: make them remember us when you need the products we sell.

Suppose want to buy clothes, then remember to Shop X, want natural remedies to the Herbal Shop Z

Here, I outline 3 simple steps in building personal branding:

  • Define Persona
First you have to determine as to what you want to be known. Of course it should be relevant to the products you market.

Suppose you sell herbal products, then you should be known as a health expert or natural treatment. If you are selling children's educational toy products, then you may need to be known as a parenting or child education expert.

  • Sharpen the Pen
After determining what your persona is, it's time to sharpen the pen. It means that you are studying again.

Maybe some of you already understand the ins and outs of your product world, or have a supportive educational background before starting a business. So you are already an expert.

But calm down if not, you can still begin to learn it. Can start from reading books, browsing to a trusted site, join training or even mentoring directly to the experts.

I am sure you are serious to succeed, must be seriously studied well, ready?

  • Show Charm

Time to show your charms, the results of your learning can start you share to colleagues on facebook. With this Personal Branding you will be formed, in addition you can increase the interaction with this.


Some may feel confident if you have to share-sharing, spread the charm here and there. My suggestion, please just modified the intention, not for the show off but to share the benefits, what we already know we share to others.

We never know you know, a post that we think may not be anything, but it can be very useful for those who read it.

So do not ever hesitate to share your knowledge.

That's the first tutorial this time, we connect in the next post...

Keep fight for your success !! Protection Status
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