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Principles of Facebook Marketing

For the first article tutorial today, we will discuss 3 Important Principles of Using Facebook as Media Marketing We can shorten that principle with 3C to make it easy to remember, what are they :

  1. Content
  2. Conversation
  3. Consisten


Please do a small survey on your Facebook, write post the question "What is the reason you use Facebook?" I've done it, and the answer is quite varied, such as:

  • Establish a communication relationship with friends or relatives
  • Search for news or news of the most trend
  • Just entertainment and a means of expressing feelings
  • Find a lot of knowledge in the share
  • Stalking friends, opponent even former ex girl/boy friend (just kidding..)

Do not think about the last point it jus some joke, right?

Well when reading the survey results above, do you feel there is less?

Of course, I say yes !

No one says that they play facebook to search for items to BUY!. So roughly whether it is effective to sell on Facebook?

Obviously so EFFECTIVE ... if were not, we won't be discussed here.

It's just not brutal sales in every post we have, there are techniques there are patterns. Facebook itself is more effectively used as a means of collecting prospects than direct selling.

Okay can still follow?

Then how to get prospects to gather on our facebook?

The answer is CONTENT

What can we provide on our Facebook so they will get together?

Is it because we always share a funny things, inspirational or useful?. If we can provide sugar, automatically ants will gather easily.

The sugar is an interesting post content, then our prospective prospects will come busy to your facebook. Then the following principles especially important in Facebook?


The second is conversation, conversation or interaction. One thing we must understand is Facebook is social media rather than selling media.

So back to the nature of facebook, we must use it to socialize. We must understand that what we offer this product is human, so we must humanly.

Often you may ask why your posts are always quiet comments and like let alone share? The question is do you ever comment and like distatus others?

Please provide your best comment on their status. Like and love for free, then give as much. If it is an inspirational post they do not hesitate to share occasionally. Do not forget to mark their names when giving comments to give a more friendly impression.

Then when do we sell?

Well, many do not understand that this interaction is part of your promotion. With interaction, we build trust, and when it is formed, sales will be as easy as status updates.

Remember always this principle is good, there is no interaction then there is no interaction. From now on try to target how many interactions you will build up per day. What status will you comment on and what time do you do that.

Can you imagine?


The next principle that is not less important is CONSISTENT.

This principle is done by athletes and warriors to win. So also this principle must be done by a businessman or trader who also wants to win in a world full of competition now. Because of the caliber of veteran traders though, if he is not consistent then it will be defeated newbie diligent and consistent in learning and action.

In addition to the reasons above, there is also a facebook system that requires you to be consistent. Its algorithm named edgerank causes your status to appear only in your friends' consistent timeline of interacting.

So without consistency, then your post will only be seen by some people even though your friend has thousands.

Then this principle is very important to be applied in marketing techniques using Facebook. You should regularly make useful postings, consistent interactions with like, reply, comment or share.

Fulfill the above three principles then your promotion process on Facebook will be more effective.

Keep fight for your success !! Protection Status
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